Easy to wipe off, Playtime Lubricants!

For use with TENGA products, or even solo and coupled playtime!
Unique characteristics to accentuate your sensual experience & maximize your enjoyment.

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Invert to Use these Sensational Sculptures!

The TENGA 3D Series not only look great, these pleasure sculptures can be inverted to make the external designs, the stimulating interior details! They boast a coupling of antibacterial material and a drying/storage stand for hygiene too!

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Celebs share their thoughts


I feel really happy to represent Tenga.
Be open minded and enjoy the advantages
of the modern world we are living!

Jorge "Viki" Gomez
(Pro BMX Rider)
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Athletes sponsored by TENGA


Takumi Nakamura is one of Japan’s top surfers,
regularly competing in tournaments by the
Nippon Surfing Association and Association of
Surfing Professionals around the world.
Takumi came 2nd at 2012 ISA JUNIOR WORLD
CHAMPIONSHIP and this is the highest
international competition rating by Japanese to
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TENGA Inventor Interview


Koichi Matsumoto (herein KM):
I graduated from a mechanics college when I was
20, at the peak of Japan’s economic bubble.
I started out tuning “super cars” like
Lamborghinis and Ferraris –
it was the “in-thing” at the time. I also did
some work with vintage cars...
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