How to use Tenga Cup

First, many Tenga Cups are available in regular and a large size, which is important to ensure comfort. A too-small masturbator may be painful or unusable, while a Tenga Cup that is too large may not offer enough stimulation to users. There are mainly three different sizes - the Tenga SM, Tenga Original, and Tenga US cup.

Each Tenga Cup has a removable wrapper that you peel away to reveal the cap that you must unscrew. On the other side is a sticker that you remove to enable the suction regulation feature. Tenga Cups come with their own lotion, which will not leak, serving as a lubricant. You must remove the lubricant package from the inside of the cup before applying it. If you prefer to use a different brand lube, that is also an option.

Insert your penis and stroke the cup up and down. Try experimenting with side-to-side twisting motions as well. You can create suction by covering the suction regulator on the base of the Cup with your finger. Tenga also makes a separate battery-powered Vaccum Control device that you can connect to a Cup to add intense suction with a single press of a button.

The same basic instructions apply to all of the Cup strokes, but some of them have additional features. If you are using the Tenga Soft Tube Cup, you can squeeze the sides of the cup for different sensations, while the Tenga Tenga Rolling Head Cup is flexible and can move in various directions. Note that the Tenga Double Hole Cup offers penetration from either side thanks to two internal sleeves but has no suction regulator.

Because Tenga Cups are designed to be used only once, you can replace the cap and toss them when you are done. There is no good way to properly clean and dry the toy to use it again. If you want a reusable toy instead, Tenga also makes masturbators in the Flip series that offer features such as suction and vibration and are easy to clean and dry between uses thanks to the included stand. The 3D, Flex, and Spinner series are all sleeves without a harder casing, each of which offers multiple unique textures and features.