How to use Tenga Egg

The steps to enjoying your love eggs are very straight forward. Tenga Eggs are literally egg-shaped, and unless you know it is a sex toy, you will never guess what it is. After taking off the wrapper, you can open the egg to reveal a soft and super stretchy sleeve made from TPE over a lubricant. Remove and open the lube pouch, pour lube into the egg's entry hole, and place the stroker over your penis via the entry hole. The sleeve will stretch up to twelve inches, becoming more transparent as it does!

You can then stroke the egg up and down on your shaft with your hand near the base of the stroker or experiment with twisting motions. Use them yourself or have a partner take control. There is really no wrong way to use a Tenga Egg, which is why so many people love them! However, these strokers are meant to be used one time and disposed of afterward. It is difficult to sufficiently clean and stores a Tenga Egg for reuse, and the material will break down over time.

The good news is that this means you have plenty of opportunities to try all of the Tenga Egg textures! The wavy texture is a fan favorite, but you can also try spider, clicker, twister, stepper, and silky textures in the regular line. Tenga's "hard boiled" eggs, including thunder, misty, crater, cloudy, shiny, and surfer, offer especially strong and tighter sensations. The newest textures include wavy II, boxy, brush, tornado, sphere, and silky II, and each Tenga Egg texture features a different print on the egg itself.

Tenga makes multiple variety packs of 6 eggs in cartons, which make it especially easy to try them all to see which masturbator texture you like the best or to ensure that no two masturbation sessions are the same. Beyond texture, you can also explore Tenga Eggs with cooling lube, collaborations with artists like Keith Haring, and limited-edited designs like the Lovers egg. Do not miss out on any egg! Start your egg hunt today!