How to use Tenga Flip Hole

The Tenga Flip Hole is designed for complete cleaning, drying, and storage, thanks to the Flip Hole's hinge.

There are two elements to using a Tenga Flip Hole product: masturbating with it and cleaning it. They both start with you pulling off the slide cap body from the insertion end of the toy to show the seam and allow the sides to pull away from one another. This allows you to open the Tenga Flip Hole and apply lube down its entire length to get a consistent layer of lube throughout the entire sleeve. However, you could drip lube into the opening to save a bit of time. Tenga several various formulas in its own Hole Lotion line that provides different sensations. You can try Mild, Wild, or Real Hole Lotion.

Return the slide cap to place to secure the Tenga Flip Hole, and it is ready to use. Just penetrate the entrance and either use your hands to slide the stroker up and down your shaft or use your hips to thrust! The body of the Flip Hole is just soft enough for you to apply pressure while masturbating by squeezing either the top or bottom of the shaft -- or both! This provides intense stimulation even if your model is non-vibrating.

Flip Holes are so easily cleaned because you can use the cap by simply sliding it off the end with the hole, so you can spread either side of the device for ease of cleaning. This is important because there is so much texture that you would not be able to adequately clean the reusable masturbator without it. Tenga recommends soap and water for cleaning your Flip Holes.

Once cleaned, the Flip Hole can remain partially open as it rests upside down and half-open on its slide cap, which serves as a drying stand. You can shake off or pat dry excess water to avoid a puddle forming around your Flip Hole. Once dry, you can close the Flip Hole and return the slide cap for storage. Some people like to sprinkle a bit of cornstarch into the interior of the toy before storing it.