How to use Tenga Flip Zero

Tenga's Flip Series of masturbators, which includes the Flip Zero, is so cleverly designed that they have been called "the future of masturbation." But it is not just the product's design that is forward-thinking. The design allows for complete cleansing, drying, and storage, thanks to the Flip Zero's holder. It is so different from traditional masturbators, however, that you might not understand how to use it at first.

1. Remove the side arm from the masturbator.
2. Open up the masturbator and apply lubricant to the sleeve.
3. Close the masturbator and lock into place with side arm.
4. Lubricate the insertion point.
5. Insert and enjoy.

Tip! After insertion, you can squeeze the pleasure pads at any point to provide focused stimulation and create an internal vacuum.