Tenga Cup Series-Hard Edition

Deep Throat Cup (Hard Edition)
The Ultimate Deep Throat Experience!
The deliciously clinging fellatio experience, this version contains gripping materials, for those who want something “harder”.Add this effect to the one-way valve for a harder and tighter suction. It’s arousing “slurping” sound also gives the feeling that you are enjoying a real deep throat experience.

Soft Tube Cup (Hard Edition)
Tighten Your Suit,Harder!
Two new structures create an exquisite tightening feeling. Newly loaded Adjustable Moving Frame and Triple Bumper makes combined twines possible. Enjoy an exquisite symphony of tightening created by softer housing and harder interior materials.

Rolling Head Cup (Hard Edition)
3D Motions With Stronger And Tightened Stimuli!
While maintaining the same characteristics as it's Standard model, this one is made of harder materials for those seeking a "stronger" sensation. The new materials allow for a firmer, tighter grip and increased stimuli. Enjoy this new stronger, tighter experience!

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