Tenga Cup Series-US Edition

Original Vacuum Cup (U.S. Size)
Ultra-Strong Suction!
Ultra Size, Super Vacuum! The “U.S.” TENGA range let both larger men and those who prefer softer stimulation the freedom to insert deeper than ever! Also featuring a stronger vacuum!

Soft Tube Cup (U.S. Size)
Super-Sized Pressure!
The Ultra Size Soft Tube CUP allows you to control pressure with even deeper stimulation! Now you can stimulate yourself with precision thanks to the “U.S. Brushing Zone”!

Double Hole Cup (U.S. Size)
Deeper Double Stimulation At 120% Size!
The U.S. Double Hole CUP features a double-canal structure providing different sensations from either side! Use separately to savor the difference or at the same time to enjoy the dynamic difference!

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