Tenga Keith Haring Series

To Enjoy Sexuality!
This is not something to be ashamed of, or embarrassed about.
The healthy practice of sexuality is a sure way of enriching your life.
If only people everywhere, could safely and freely enjoy their sexuality.

With the Keith Haring Collaboration products, we aim to realize such a fun and wonderful world.

Original Vacuum Cup (Keith Haring)
To Enjoy Sexuality!
The TENGA×Keith Haring Original Vacuum CUP provides great suction stimulation with an hourglass body to intensify the stimulation!

Soft Tube Cup (Keith Haring)
To Enjoy Sexuality!
The TENGA×Keith Haring Soft Tube CUP has a malleable body so you can control the sensations!

Egg Street (Keith Haring)
Feel the rush of the street!
Dynamic Details bound along in a vivid contract providing a rush of strong stimulation.

Egg Dance (Keith Haring)
Dance The Night Away!
Nubs and edges combine to deliver a cascading flourish of sensations, for a wild, rhythmical stimulation.

Egg Party (Keith Haring)
Let’s Get The Party Started!
The fine details ascend from a mellow stimulation, building up slowly for a slow, decadent stimulation.

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