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Tenga Egg Series-Season 01

Egg Wavy Waves of stimulation! Multiple layers of large, flexible, wavy ribs deliver wave after wave of ecstasy-inducing sensations! Egg Clicker Multi-Nubbed Sensation! An omni-directional stimulation from dynamic nubs! Stroke, squeeze, and twist for delight! Egg Spider The pleasure trap! The interior web’s grid-like details provide extra adherence and a vivid, 360°sensation! [button text="Order Now"…
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Tenga Egg Series-Season 02

Egg Twister Spiral of sensations! A whirlwind of pleasure squeezes you all over for a rippling corkscrew effect that will drive you wild! Egg Stepper A two-way massage! Bi-directional wedges stroke you in tandem on both upward and downward strokes! Egg Silky Silky smooth satisfaction! Delicately intertwined ribs glide over you, with a caress comparable…
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Tenga Egg Series-Season 03

Egg Thunder Electric invigoration! The big, strong vertical ribs that run up and down its interior provide thunderous sensations! Egg Crater Prepare for impact! Large, cratered nubs stimulate from all angles for a tremulous, exhilarating experience! Egg Misty Steamy mist of bliss! The microscopic nubs that adorn its walls create a veil of sensations, for…
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Tenga Egg Series-Season 04

Egg Cloudy Your ticket to Cloud 9! Lose yourself in this cloud of rebounding sensations – the thickest of TENGA EGGs yet! Egg Shiny A bright start to the day! Radiating ribs and a big central nub will put a gleaming smile on anyone’s face! Egg Surfer Thrills of the biggest waves! Dip and dive…
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