What is TENGA

TENGA is a fan favorite when it comes to male masturbators. Proudly designed in Japan, TENGA has branched out to many countries since its founding. TENGA's mission is to revolutionize sexual pleasure, creating it a norm for all to enjoy. Apart from. being popular for its male masturbators, these items can be just as fun when used with a partner, and the company has also branched out to vibrators with its Iroha line. Read on to learn more about the company's offerings.

TENGA might be best known for their TENGA Eggs, which contain single-use masturbation sleeves. You can pick from various textures as well as some sensations. TENGA sells six-pack samples to help you find which one you like best, and you can also buy TENGA lube in a familiar egg shape! Or you can try a TENGA Cup if you want a disposable male masturbator rather than just a stroker. Speaking of lube, TENGA's Hole Lotion Lubricant line comes in various thicknesses, so you can find the perfect product for your experience.

However, the company makes plenty of reusable options, too. Their Flip series of male masturbators, including the Flip Zero, are cleverly designed to make cleaning easy. Plus, they look futuristic to boot. The newest line in the series is the Flip Orb male masturbators, which look like they come straight out of a video game. TENGA's aesthetic continues into the Moova lines (also known as Flex); those male masturbators are so artistic that no one would guess what one is! And they have won awards for their designs.

If you just want a sleeve as an alternative to a pocket pussy, the models in the 3D lines ave unique textures, or you can try TENGA's Geo toys, which actually flip inside out for cleaning and storage like a piece of tabletop decor. Finally, the company offers see-through Spinner sleeves that provide sensations, unlike most other strokers.

TENGA has not left anyone out, however. You can purchase one of many Iroha vibrators. There are battery-powered massagers for external use, insertable vibes with internal motors, lipstick vibrators, and vibes made from super-soft material similar to that used in some of TENGA's masturbators, each of which has its own artistic appeal. TENGA makes a lipstick vibrator, the Iroha Stick, too. And if you enjoy the company's aesthetic, do not forget to check out the Iroha+ line, which is reminiscent of the company's masturbators. The Temari line is especially unique; each vibrator is rounded with a larger cylindrical base to hold that promises not to transfer vibrations to your hand.

Whether you are shopping for yourself, a partner, or something to use together, TENGA is a brand to keep your eye on. The company's product lines are sure not to disappoint, and their new additions are sure to keep you on your toes (or make your toes curl).